Contra vision graphic for Abate Pest Management

Blue Fiesta window graphic

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Abate Pest Management came to us wanting to increase their brand awareness and boost sales and get their work vehicles working harder. We had the best solution, contra vision graphics, getting thousands of people recognising their brand daily, every time their work vehicles left the office.

Our team at Monarch Signs, printed and installed a Contra vision graphic for three different Abate Pest Management work vehicles. Contra Vision is an external graphic which is used for vehicle graphics and external windows for offices and shops. Contra Vision transforms glass with a one-way vision graphic. It has a perforated finish which means from the outside you can see the design but from the inside it can be seen through, giving the illusion that the window is tinted. These graphics also provide privacy and solar control benefits to vehicles without blocking their outside vision.

Using this type of graphic is achieved by applying self-adhesive window film to the glass. The film contains the printed graphic as well as unprinted see through areas, usually covering up to 50% of the film.

Abate Pest Management were very pleased with the final results and within the first few hours of the vehicles having their graphics, the company received a call. The perspective customer had seen the branding logo and contact details on their van rear window which promoted them to call. Since the phone call, the customer has placed an order.

Vehicle graphics are a great on the go marketing tool that any company can use, as Abate Pest Management found out. Having your logo and contact details on your work vehicle can increase sales and brand awareness. So, why not get your work vehicles increasing sales today?
If you’d like to know how we can help your company brand your work vehicles, please call our team on 01603 301060.